System Selection and Implementation

We see a great number of IT implementations that have been well planned and executed and subsequently made a profound difference to the company. However we see just as many that are only part complete (just to solve immediate problems) or failed altogether. The financial impact of poor implementation, lack of ongoing training or complete failure is significant.

Here are some notes to keep in mind when considering your IT systems.


Do your due diligence. Compile a list of requirements and classify these - eg must have, like to have, not so important, maybe for future growth etc. Dig into the various programs and see how they actually work. Don’t forget to add integration with other products to the list. Don’t listen to the hype since this will often include an impressive list of features – but many of which may not actually work the way you need them to. Don’t make decisions over small differences in price – an inappropriate or incapable system will quickly burn days or weeks of wasted time and any savings will pale into insignificance.


Get involved yourself and provide leadership. Choose a Champion to lead the project. Don’t just choose someone because they are good at their particular job. Most people are initially resistant to change and are really only interested in their own areas. Choose someone who is capable and able to see the big picture and embraces change. The champion(s) then needs a team of key people from key areas in the business to work with. Remember the system will never be any better than the people driving it.


Implementation planning is critical to the success of the project. Engage expert training from the outset and don’t underestimate the need for an ongoing training plan. Poor planning and training can quickly negate the hoped for benefits. Ideally workflows are fine-tuned and flow charts are regularly updated to reflect current processes.


Implementation planning is critical to the success of the project. Thorough analysis of workflows and preparation of data will ensure your system is properly setup. Thorough testing of real data will enable a smooth transition to “go live” status.

And remember if you need help IT4Tradies is available to provide the necessary expertise to ensure your project meets expectation.

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