Appoint a Champion

If you are aiming at implementing great systems then the most important role in your company is the system Champion. This person understands the big picture, oils all the working parts and provides the glue that holds all the parts together. The champion will have an intimate understanding of the business and the operational function of the job management system and any other apps that interact with it. This person does not work in a cocoon and embraces change. The business owners and board need to understand the significance of this role and satisfy themselves that they have the appropriate person and controls in place to support this person.

Here are two typical scenarios we often come across. Both companies are similar in size and operation and employ the same best of breed software solutions.

Company A

The owner has time to talk and says things like - “Best thing I have done for the business, I strive to get the most out of my job management system, Looking forward to adding more features, I have mostly eliminated paper, My business is growing, My bottom line is better than ever.”

Company B

The owner is stressed and saying things like - “This thing is rubbish and doesn’t work, I could do it quicker on a spreadsheet, Its too expensive, I might get rid of it, The staff get it all wrong.”

Company A has a champion be it the owner or other competent staff and they all feel in control of the business. Company B just has not understood the significance of great systems and management thereof. Their problems are generally much deeper than just needing a champion but that will be the subject of another discussion.

Software is really just another tool. Only problem is that it involves everyone, it is very hard to learn and implement and requires a champion(s) to keep it running. However, once implemented properly the rewards are high and it does become much simpler to maintain.

And as any good tradie will say “if you do the job properly you will achieve a quality outcome”.

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